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Anthony Dohrmann knows how it feels to ensure his family is safe and secure. Those are two of the most common feelings people want to feel when they are at their house, relaxing after a day of work or errands.  Or even when people are away from their house, they want to know that everything is locked-up and protected.

There’s nothing worse than coming home to a burgled house with a busted down door or a broken window and just the contents of your house just trashed and certainly not where you left everything.  Your life’s hard work and family’s precious memories just strewn all over the place.

But a close second, or the worst thing, depending on your viewpoint, could be heading downstairs to the kitchen for a midnight snack and seeing a figure, dressed in black, and taking some things, which clearly don’t belong to them.

According to the Huffington Post, burglaries are a common occurance when residents are home.

Anthony Dohrmann has the answer

Security systems prevent those scenarios from happening. The devices needed to put your mind at ease make up the Lasershield system.

The biggest and most effective devices are the image sensors and the video cameras. They are there to catch any unwanted activity in or around your house. Set-up on your front porch, an image sensor or video camera can witness any thieves taking off with your packages. The sensors also create a perimeter barrier of defense that will trip alarms if anyone or anything breaks through.

Not only does it offer protection, but there are gadgets that will make your life more efficient. There’s a garage door opener on the app to open and close the door from your phone.  So not only can you do that, but you can also check whether it’s closed, 5 blocks away from your house without having to turn back around and check.

Anthony Dohrmann

An example LaserShield system

LaserShield is the way

To get that feeling of safety and security, get a security system. Look at LaserShield to protect the priceless items in your live.

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