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The Culture Within Our Culture

Culture wars and division all around It is becoming obvious across the United States that there is a culture war happening. Sometimes blatantly, as in the NFL's struggle to balance non-violent free speech protests with respecting the National Anthem and the American Flag. Two sides, two passionate versions of the same story. Two perspectives and

LaserShield Review 2017

What is LaserShield 2017? First and foremost, LaserShield Review 2017 is all about the conversation revolving around LaserShield Instant Security and the LaserShield products. There have been so many systems sold recently on Amazon.com and in Home Depot stores across the country. We've noticed a definite uptick in sales and even in current customers upgrading

5 Reasons Your Dog Shouldn’t be Your Security System

Anthony Dohrmann's LaserShield says no, no, not your dog! Home safety and security is at the top of the list of importance for most families in the United States. Families want their members to be safe and sound in their environments no matter how humble. As certain as that is, it's amazing how many people,

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Anthony Dohrmann LaserShield Top 10 Tips

Anthony Dohrmann LaserShield Initially, in 2015, an interview with Anthony Dohrmann LaserShield CEO was published on Newswire. It was a in-depth conversation concerning home safety, especially among the elderly. Anthony stated that according to the Department of Justice, there are two general categories of financial crimes against the elderly: fraud committed by strangers, and financial

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Anthnoy Dohrmann Lasershield Protected

Anthony Dohrmann LaserShield Protected LaserShield home security constantly hears about homes invaded and they are happening all across the country. The most heartbreaking stories we hear about, are the ones where children are in the home at the time of the incident. Some things in life you cannot “un-see” or “un-hear” especially when it’s attached

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Anthony Dohrmann's LaserShield Anthony Dohrmann’s LaserShield is on a mission. LaserShield is on a mission to safeguard as many families as possible as easily as possible and most importantly, as professionally as possible. In addition to securing their homes with a LaserShield system, Anthony Dohrmann also suggest the following: • If you’re going away for