Freedom from worry about your response

First and foremost, Anthony Dohrmann’s LaserShield & Freedom is all about our users, our families and our neighbors. Chris EMcGoey, CPP, CSP, CAM is internationally known as an author, trainer, and speaker. He has over 46 years of education, training, and experience in crime prevention and security management. On his website, Chris writes: “The response possibilities are endless, but most fall into three general response possibilities. You can resist the assault; comply with all commands; or you can try to stay calm, wait, and resist, comply, or flee as the scenario evolves. One thing is clear, there is no one single correct response to a life-threatening home invasion scenario. The choice is personal, based on your own assessment of your physical and mental capabilities and your belief as to the level of eminent danger.”

LaserShield would like to add that you can also be pro-active and install one of the easiest, most dependable home security systems on the market.

Anthony Dohrmann Lasershield & Freedom

Anthony Dohrmann’s LaserShield & Freedom

Freedom from reaction; Make a plan

Secondly, home invasion is neither an easy topic to think about or to discuss. However, every family should do both and then make a plan. Family Now website has four tips on the Home invasion topic: 1. Make a family Plan 2. Assign a ‘danger phrase’ 3. Use your monitored security features 4. Invest in protective measures.

We, at Laser Shield agree. We also have families we love just like you do. That’s why we developed one of the simplest, and most dependable home security systems on the market. And OUR responders? Rapid Response is unmatched, unbeaten and is a technologically cutting edge company. Think twice before handing your family’s future over to a company that cares more about your monthly fee than your family’s safety.

Anthony Dohrmann’s LaserShield & Freedom

Most significantly, Anthony Dohrmann’s LaserShield & Freedom provides the confidence of knowing there is an additional layer of protection over your home and family. This can actually cause you to exhale, rest and even sleep easier. Laser Shield can offer you that extra layer. The Center for Problem Oriented Policing suggests that you NOT be vulnerable. Home robbers confront victims for longer periods of time and try to avoid being injured, therefore they are likely to prefer occupants who will not resist an attack.

Cut deep into your family’s vulnerability by obtaining a quality, user friendly home security system that is monitored by the very best in the country. This year, make the decision to be free to rest easier.