The Breaking News that shouldn’t be

Mostly, the breaking news that shouldn’t be proves story after story after story that every family and small business should have a security system. And with LaserShield, the country’s premier plug-n-go system, you can pick the right system for your family today and be safely protected tonight. There’s news everyday, in virtually every city of people unprotected and being caught off guard. Don’t be like the people in these following stories…

The Kingwood Observer, Houston, Texas ‘The tenants said there was a knock at the back door, and as one of the tenants went to the kitchen, the back door opened. The tenant in the kitchen area was immediately struck in the head and ordered to get on the ground at gunpoint, according to police. The first suspect was followed by two more unidentified men who entered the residence and ordered the rest of the tenants on the ground as well, with their heads down and eyes closed.

“They were asking the tenants separately where the guns, money and drugs were,” Cannon said. “They ransacked the upstairs and downstairs of the townhouse and got away with a several items, including a flat screen TV, a gaming system, two laptop computers and a camera.” The suspects never caught. The stuff never returned. The peace of mind….? Renters NEED protection.

Another example

In addition, WBAL News Radio 1090 reported that ‘Just after 9 p.m. Wednesday, an armed, masked man threatened to kill a couple inside their home on Rochester Place. But Cookie Sellman wasn’t having it. “I took my cane and I’m trying to hit over my husband to him. So, 20 minutes later, when it’s all over, I was thinking, he could have shot me. That was stupid,” said Cookie Sellman, 70. “We thought we were going to get shot. That was the end of us, honestly. It was like 4-5 minutes of terror.” Her cane, topped with a golden eagle, wasn’t enough to stop the man. The Selman’s said the robber threw them to the ground and trampled on them.’ “Like 4-5 minutes of terror” can alter a life and a confidence forever.

The has happened and the could have happened…neither one is good

TULSA, Oklahoma – ‘Police say a woman stabbed a 16-year-old suspect to death in south Tulsa late Monday. Authorities are searching for two other suspects in what they say was a home invasion. Officers were called to the Woodland Oaks Apartments in the 7200 block of South 90th East Avenue around 11:15 p.m. Police say two teen suspects entered an apartment, and held a couple inside at gunpoint. They ransacked the apartment while holding the couple at gunpoint on a couch, according to Homicide Detective Dave Walker.’

Lasershield stops breaking news that shouldn't be

Breaking news that shouldn’t be

When children are the breaking news that shouldn’t be

‘A 12-year-old Scottsdale girl not only learned how to get out of a scary situation thanks to a unique safety course, but she also put those skills to use when a man broke into her house while she was home alone. Caty Creed was by herself in her family’s house when she saw a man walk up to the front door. She didn’t think anything of it — at first. “He rang the doorbell,” Caty said. “I just ignored it.”

But the man didn’t leave. He walked in through the front door; Caty ran and hid in the kitchen. She called her dad, her mom and the police, and then watched as the burglar made his way back to her dad’s room. “I got up, and I opened the door and ran outside and hid behind a wall,” she said. Caty saw the man leave as she waited for police to arrive.

Caty’s father, David, rushed home after Caty’s call. By the time he got there, police had his house surrounded. “I could see officers in the driveway with their guns drawn and K-9 dogs going through the house,” Creed said. The burglar got away with about $2,000 worth of items. It’s a small loss compared to what could have happened to Caty. SCOTTSDALE, AZ (KPHO/KTVK) –

Break the breaking news that shouldn’t be

We at Laser Shield are grateful Caty’s story has a good ending. What about your “Caty”?
Will hers? We can help make sure it does.

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