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LaserShield home security constantly hears about homes invaded and they are happening all across the country. The most heartbreaking stories we hear about, are the ones where children are in the home at the time of the incident. Some things in life you cannot “un-see” or “un-hear” especially when it’s attached to a traumatic moment. Because you, your family, your pets, your belongings should all be Protected.

Significantly, LaserShield understands people want a balance between good quality security, ease of use, but without huge impact to their family budget. We get that because we are families, we have children, we own pets, and need peace of mind also. There’s crime in our communities. Just like in yours. It’s everywhere, even in Scottsdale, AZ:


Children home alone

Anthony Dohrmann LaserShield protected

Anthony Dohrmann LaserShield Protected

‘A 12-year-old Scottsdale girl not only learned how to get out of a scary situation thanks to a unique safety course, but she also put those skills to use when a man broke into her house while she was home alone. Caty Creed was by herself in her family’s house when she saw a man walk up to the front door. She didn’t think anything of it — at first.’ Caty Creed was by herself in her family’s house when she saw a man walk up to the front door. She didn’t think anything of it — at first.

“He rang the doorbell,” Caty said. “I just ignored it.”
But the man didn’t leave. He walked in through the front door; Caty ran and hid in the kitchen. She called her dad, her mom and the police, and then watched as the burglar made his way back to her dad’s room. “I got up, and I opened the door and ran outside and hid behind a wall,” she said. Caty saw the man leave as she waited for police to arrive.’ SCOTTSDALE, AZ
Full story here (KPHO/KTVK)

Knocking at your door

We at LaserShield are grateful Caty’s story had a better ending. But everyday in our country there are other not-so-happy home invasion endings. And everyday in our country there are endings that did not have to happen the way they happened. If only they had been Protected.  That’s why we developed a dependable, user friendly system perfect for families.

In closing, whether you choose the Plug and Go Basic System or the Pro System, we know you’ll be satisfied. More than that, we know you’ll be protected. What about the “Caty” in your life? What if she experiences a home invasion? Will her story end as well? We can help make sure it does. LaserShield. It’s simple, it’s user friendly, it’s dependable and it could make a huge difference for your loved ones!


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