Don’t fall this Fall!

Anthnoy Dohrmann LaserShield Fall Prevention

Don’t fall this Fall

Autumn is right around the corner. With it comes cooler nights, darker mornings and incredible colors as leaves change and the harvest begins to ripen. It’s time to bring in those potted plants and put the outdoor décor into storage. We all love to get all those cool weather chores done before old man winter knocks on our doors. While it is time to attend to all those outdoor chores, more importantly,  it’s also time to conduct a check on our inside living areas. Don’t fall this Fall! Did heavy summer traffic cause some wear and tear on your flooring, rugs or rooms?

Check your indoor walking areas that they are free of clutter, rugs are secured and flooring clean and not slippery. Make sure the thresholds are holding. Especially take a look at your bathroom rugs. Make sure they have sufficient nonskid padding to keep them in place. Are the hallways and byways throughout your living area free of clutter? Sometimes during the summer months we ‘shed’ our shoes right by the doors after mowing or walking or watering. Be sure those are all picked up. Better yet, stop over at your local hardware store and pick up a entryway shoe rack. It’ll come in handy for winter-weather covered shoes or boots and keep them out of your walkways.

Your LaserShield System

We know having a LaserShield Security System in your home has brought you some peace of mind. And we are happy to serve you 24/7 with top-of-the-line response services. We don’t want you to need something and have no way of letting your loved ones know. We are also being protected by the same system you have, so we know first hand how that feels. By the way, be sure to call us if you have any concerns at all about your system or. Speaking of concerns, we wanted to let you know that we are rolling our a pretty incredible new product that can really help you alleviate more of it. Our sister company, Electronic Caregiver is introducing pocketMD to their customers and we specifically wanted to tell you about it as well.


Our Amazing New Product: pocketMD

Anthony Dohrmann LaserShield pocketMD

Don’t fall this Fall. But if you do, have pocketMD in your pocket!

PocketMD lets you press one button or use an app on your cell phone 24/7, 365 days a year to access a physician when you need a consultation. When you feel sick but want to avoid the urgent care in the middle of the night, or you just need a fast prescription called in for you or your family members, this is the answer. PocketMD places a team of expert physicians in the palm of your hand, anywhere and everywhere you go. As a standalone product even without ECG, it provides unlimited access to medical assistance that protects up to 7 family members all for one flat fee of less than $15 per month. It’s awesome.

Seriously, if you have a concern, a symptom and you’re not sure of, you simply call the pocketMD number. Within minutes a fully licensed doctor trained in the area of your concern will be on the phone with you talking it through. Crazy? We know right? That’s why we love it too!

So, the other thing we think is way cool about pocketMD, beside the insane price and access, is that you can call from your phone anywhere, anytime, 24/7! Absolutely! You don’t have to be in a dark room in your house worried over a symptom to use this service. You can be having a wonderful long weekend vacation and just need a short prescription for the med you forgot to pack. Or you can call with the symptoms your son has after playing in those bushes on your camping trip. (Chances are you told him not to touch that plant too, but hey, he’s a kid.)

You can also have that same peace knowing medical advice is only one call away for you, anytime. Kind of like that feeling of peace you got when you became protected by your LaserShield system. It’s amazing. And it’s for every member in your household unless you have more than 7. Then, well, you’ll have to draw straws.


Falling out of summer

Finally, we sure hope you had a terrific summer this year. We did. We’ve been a tad bit busy growing exponentially, introducing new exciting products and gaining incredible momentum in innovation and design. But, we did take a few days to enjoy the gifts of summer. We are excited to see what the Fall of 2017 has to offer though, and we’re glad our LaserShield family will be heading into it safely together.

Speaking of safety, don’t forget to do that safety check on the inside of your living space before those darker Autumn days settle in. Remember, don’t fall this Fall! We want to celebrate the upcoming holidays as well as a crisp 2018 New Year full of promise and hope! And we hope you do too. Be safe. Be well. Stay protected.

For more information about pocketMD visit our website:  You can also catch up with us on social media at

Last but not least, you call us at 1- 800-Alarm-55 and one of our real-people customer service representatives will be happy to chat with you!

Happy Fall ya’all!