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When you make that commitment to do life with another person you’re committing to their best interest including sharing their highs and their lows. You’re also committing to doing what you can to enhance their protection. When you have children, you know one of the top priority is their protection. When we adopt animals, we know they are dependent upon us for sustenance, interaction, comfort, housing and protection as well. It’s a weighty topic, this topic of protection, but Anthony Dohrmann at LaserShield decided to take it on anyway. Protect is what Anthony Dohrmann does.

In the early 2000’s, Anthony, after several years in the home security industry, noticed that home and small business security was simply too complicated, too labor intensive, and too costly for the average person. So he set out to invent something different. He wanted to present something much more user friendly, something that didn’t wreak havoc on or construction to install, and something that would work well in apartments, homes, and small businesses alike.

And he did. He invented the first round of LaserShield products. But when he took them to test market, he took a long hard look at the feedback he received. Not wanting to sell a product less than his standard of quality, he took his newfound knowledge and went back to the drawing board. And that is when today’s LaserShield was born.

The Very First Plug and Go Security System


LaserShield is the country’s premier plug and go security system. It’s incredibly efficient, easy to install and dependable. Families all across the country have responded well to the LaserShield system and it’s ease of use and installation. Upon receiving even more feedback from the field and this time really positive, Anthony decided to improve, upgrade and increase the capabilities of LaserShield to also protect larger homes and businesses. LaserShield Pro was very well received in the market and still is today.

One of the best things about the LaserShield Systems is that you can literally buy one today, take it to your home or business and be protected tonight! The systems are available at Home Depot as well as on The features are easily understood and Anthony makes it easy to decide which system is the perfect system to meet your needs. Add-ons are available such as cameras and flood lights, but you aren’t required to buy add-ons you do not require! We want you to be perfectly happy with a system that is just what your family or business needs.

Set Apart

LaserShield Anthony Dohrmann Reviews

Protect is what Anthony Dohrmann does.

Another aspect of LaserShield that truly sets us apart from other security companies is the incredible one-on-one customer service you will receive when you call us. Whether it is to chat about your service, your system or your billing, you will actually connect to a real person in real time. We don’t put you on hold, rush through your call or pass our customers off to some out of the country answering service. We stick with you from your time of purchase and as long as your system is activated.

And, do you know WHO is monitoring the other security systems on the market? Where are their companies located? Do they have triple redundant protection of their own so even if things go out they can still get you some help? Before you purchase a system to protect your most treasured people and assets, maybe you should ask that company who will be answering your call for help. If they don’t answer that well, take pause in your purchase! Protect is what Anthony Dohrmann does. Great protection provides excellent response.

Protect is what Anthony Dohrmann Does

At LaserShield Security, we utilize the country’s most reputable monitoring firm; Rapid Response. Rapid Response has total professional requirements of every single operator they employ and we have a unique and long-standing relationship with them. If you do not purchase a system from LaserShield, be sure to find out who will be responding to your calls for help. We don’t think your calls should be routed through a foreign country before your local responders know you need them. That’s just not OK.

Take an up-close look around at the country’s most trusted monitoring center:


Anthony Dohrmann’s Protection

Yes. Protect is what Anthony Dohrmann does. LaserShield now protects thousands of homes and businesses right in your area! If your neighbors and friends have discovered the ease and affordability of LaserShield Security, maybe it’s time you did too! For more information about all of the security systems LaserShield offers, visit us on our website at You can call one of our real people and talk in real time for as long as you need by calling 800-Alarm-55. We look forward to the conversation!

Protect is what Anthony Dohrmann does for families

Protect is what Anthony Dohrmann does for families

Protection. It sure can be a weighty topic don’t you think? LaserShield is happy to take some of the weight off and return to you some peace. We do it for our own families, for our neighbors and friends and it would be our honor to protect you and those you love as well. Call us.