A lot to ponder

School Days, politics and security at home this fall seem different this year. Seriously, this fall feels different than most of it’s predecessors. The joy of cooler nights has been replaced by the coldness of hardened hearts. The anticipation of a new school year has been replaced by the anticipation of nuclear threats. Autumn feels different, scary and some are hesitant about what exactly it will bring. We’d like to offer a bit of warmth in the moment, a dollop of tenderizer, and maybe even a reason to exhale. With school days, politics and home security, there’s a lot to ponder. Come on. We’ll do it together.


School Days, Politics and Security at Home this Fall

It’s one of my favorite seasons of the year: Back to School. As a kid, I loved fresh school supplies, new outfits, the change of seasons, and the chance to crack open a new textbook.” Dana Perino- FOX News

Heading back to school for anyone and everyone connected to it can be a hectic, but exciting tine! New clothes, new teachers, new things to study and learn cause our hopes to rise at the potential before us, or our little ones, or our college students.

There’s changes from the lazier, slower paced summer schedule to a more vigorous and rigid one. Hurried working parents make those breakfasts, pack those lunches, double check book bags and the dog’s water all seemingly on the way out the front door to the bus stop. Did someone lock it on the way out? The front door? What about the garage door after the dog came back in? We wonder about that during our ten o’clock weekly meeting with our boss.

With so many things to tend to in getting our families back on schedules it sure would be nice if someone else could take care of things out of our control, right? I mean, we really do have enough to worry about. There’s doc appointments and shots, new clothes and purging the old ones, school supplies and getting our name on those backpacks. There’s new schools, new teachers, gas for the car for the week, different bus schedules and who was supposed to take out the trash? The last thing we want to worry about, even think about is whether our homes are secure while we are in our busy schedules.



Oh boy, that word in itself almost feels like cussing, doesn’t it? It’s everywhere, every day, and at every turn. And those are tough, tough waters to navigate sometimes. You never know when one of your opinions will launch an outpouring of overwhelming support or hate. We’re not quite sure if that’s a friend or foe on our social media, down the street or even right next door. The temperature in our cities, towns, states and country is hot to boiling to say the least.

There’s simply unrest in our cities and towns these days. It definitely causes some unrest and insecurity. More and more people are looking at easy to install, moveable, and affordable home security systems. From tiny apartments to larger homes, young and older alike are visiting our website, checking us out on Amazon.com, or heading to Home Depot to purchase the LaserShield system that fits their exact needs. They are also realizing that our tech and customer support exceeds other companies as they interact with real people in real time to solve real issues.


Anthony Dohrmann’s LaserShield for Protection

So, whether your word is filled with the crisp breezes of autumn, the sound of school buses or the concerns of so many citizens today, one thing is certain, we all want to know we and those we love are protected. It’s School Days, Politics and Security at Home this Fall with LaserShield. Our systems providing the answers for so many families, homes and small businesses today. We invite you to join them and regain some peace-of-mind.