Feel Secure?

We feel secure. We think we’re protected. Right up until we realize we weren’t as safe as we thought. And at that moment, preventable for most, unreported by too many, is one of the worst moments ever. In the year 2015, and according to the FBI, Property crimes resulted in losses estimated at $14.3 billion. The total value of reported stolen property (i.e., currency, jewelry, motor vehicles, electronics, firearms) was $12,420,364,454!  I don’t know about you, but I can barely get my head wrapped around that number.  And then, when you realize your chances of retrieving your stolen property is slim to none, it just gets harried!

Only about a third of the property crimes that occur in the United States each year are reported to the police. Most of the crimes that are reported don’t result in the arrest, charging and prosecution of a suspect. In 2015, the most recent year for which data are available, only 35% of the property crimes tracked by the Bureau of Justice Statistics were reported to police. Those figures come from an annual BJS survey of 90,000 households, which asks Americans ages 12 and older whether they were victims of a crime in the past six months and, if so, whether they reported that crime to law enforcement or not.

Manage Expectations

That was then; this is now? Hold on. Did you know that the FBI makes a crime projection every year based on trends? Here’s what they said things would look like in the property crimes category: The FBI was expecting seven million, eight hundred eighteen thousand, seven hundred and seven incidents of property crimes in the USA in 2018. Current estimates suggest those numbers might have been low. Millions and millions and you should not be one of those!


According to the PEW Research Center, only 29% of thefts were reported in 2015. By comparison, half of the household burglaries (51%) and about seven-in-ten motor vehicle thefts (69%) were reported. (http://www.pewresearch.org/fact-tank/2017/03/01/most-violent-and-property-crimes-in-the-u-s-go-unsolved/). So, not only are the crimes happening, but we aren’t reporting them. So, how does one change things up in their own homes and neighborhoods to be more secure? Home security systems? Great idea! Let’s chat about that for a minute.

Stay Safe

LaserShield home security systems are America’s very first plug-n-go systems available on the market. They are simple, easy to purchase, easy to set-up and easy to use. They are not, however, easy on intruders or emergencies. Other systems now available in the market provide gadgets, bells, whistles, and technology that you don’t get to choose but you inevitably have to pay for. We’ve never done business that way, and we don’t’ plan on ever doing business that way. You get all the options you need to customize your own security for your home, not someone else’s.

You choose your budget, your life experiences, and your stuff. That’s how we see it. So, whether your home is a tiny home, a regular sized home, an apartment or a mansion, LaserShield Security can provide exactly the amount of protection your residence needs, and your budget can readily afford. Cruise through the website and see which one works best for you. Then, call us, and we will get it to you free shipping and provide you the most incredible old-school, warm, welcoming customer service you’ve ever had!