Triple Play Basic Starter Kit (BSK)

LaserShield Family Security

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Monitoring Service: $49.95 a month
$329 Down (with activation)

Package Includes:

  • 2 Master Alarm Units
  • 6 Wireless Detection Unit
  • 6 Keychain Remotes
  • Lifetime Warranty
  • No Credit Checks

Product Description:
We know running your own business can be expensive so we’ve created the LaserShield Triple Play Package, where you get two systems for the price of one! We’ve even discounted the monitoring service to provide you some additional help on the emergency response side. LaserShield has been thwarting burglaries, interrupting crime and analyzing crime trends involving property loss, vandalism, home invasion and personal assaults for nearly 20 years. We’ve got great solutions to protect you.

The LaserShield Triple Play package is good business, and it is smart business. The self employed business owner is especially vulnerable to the triple play scenario. If you publish your hours on the door of your business, on a social media site, in the phone book, in a brochure or on your website, you’re telling burglars where you’ll be, and when. It is an obvious a common tactic to rob your home when you’re at work, and to then rob your business, while you’re distracted with police at home. Your personal information is not only easily available online, but it’s on your registration information and the insurance information usually found in your glovebox. So what do we see? A car stolen or broken into, followed by a home burglary where your own garage door remote is used to access the home, followed by your business being burglarized later that evening.

Protect your home, protect your business, and avoid the discomfort, fear and loss associated with the tragic consequences experienced by the unprotected. Buy it today, be protected tonight.

Professional burglars cut deep into the pockets of business owners using triple play strategy.

A disturbing new trend is emerging nationwide and it’s costing professionals and business owners a fortune. Here’s how it works:

  • The sign in the window informs the burglar of your hours of operation and when you’ll be where.
  • The burglar cases the business over several days. You never know they’re watching.
  • When you open for business the burglar steals your automobile and drives it to your home using the registration and insurance information in your glove box.
  • Using your own garage door opener they pull your familiar automobile right into your own garage, closing the door behind them.
  • The contents of your home is loaded into your automobile while you’re at work with customers.
  • By the time you finish filling out the stolen car report with the police all your property has been fenced and your automobile sold to the local chop shop.
  • Taking advantage of your disorientation while you’re now filling out the police report for stolen property at home the burglar robs your business.
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