Wireless Communication
The Wireless Detection Units’ use a wireless Radio Frequency (RF) to communicate with the Master Alarm Unit.

Panic button
On the top of every Wireless Detection Unit is a large red button that functions the same as the one on the Master Alarm Unit. Pressing the panic button will immediately activate the siren and transmit a wireless signal to the LaserShield Master Alarm Unit and an alarm will be activated, notifying the 24/7 Rapid Response Monitoring Service.

Power connection
The Wireless Detection Unit requires a power connection only; there is no need for a phone line.

Bypass button
A bypass button and indicator light is located under the motion sensor on the front of the unit. This button enables the user to bypass a bedroom Wireless Detection Unit at night. A small amber light will flash indicating the unit is in bypass mode. The bypass button does not affect the function of the panic button.

Battery back up
The battery will provide up to 12 hours of back up power.

Placement of unit
Each LaserShield Wireless Detection Unit is equipped with a state-of-the-art passive infrared detection system. The unit’s view of detection spans out from the front of the unit in a 110-degree pattern ranging over 35 feet. Delivering approximately 1100 square feet of detection. The LaserShield motion sensors samples the ambient room temperature and will detect an intruder’s body heat moving across its detection zones.

Frequently Asked Questions

Registering for Rapid Response Monitoring Service is fast and easy. We require a signed monitoring agreement or completed on line procedure to activate your monitoring service. You simply supply the address the unit is located, the alarm device ID number (located on the bottom of your master alarm unit), a phone number at the protected premises, additional contact numbers such as cell phone or work phone, and we recommend three parties to contact in the event we cannot reach you during an emergency (friends and family). If your city requires a police permit the alarm company will need to be notified of the registration number. Billing is provided by either debit card or credit card and is hassle free.

Pet owners can quickly retrieve their pet blocker lens included with their alarm and apply it to the LaserShield® motion sensor in seconds. The “pet blocker lens” narrows the detection corridor of the motion sensor and lifts the coverage off the floor so pets can pass safely beneath the area of detection. Pets can be tricky and are known to jump on furniture and other items.

We recommend pet owners refer to the user manual included the system for expert instruction on unit placement when pets are involved. Often, pet issues can be resolved by simply isolating pets from the main coverage area.

Most LaserShield® Systems are purchased for small apartments, condos, and office suites. They often require only the main unit for adequate protection. Subscribers with larger homes and businesses can expand their LaserShield protection zones by purchasing LaserShield Wireless Detection Units. Wireless Detection Units do not require additional phone outlets or wiring. They simply plug into an electrical outlet and communicate through radio wave technology to the main unit.

Of course, in any room containing high value items or electronic equipment, we recommend additional units for protection. Main living, office quarters and bedrooms with accessible doors and windows to the outside are always smart to protect. Historically, burglars in residential situations, almost always visit the master bedroom as a primary location.

Some cities require the alarm subscriber to file for a city police permit. Some permits require an annual fee and in some cities permits are free. Annual fees rarely exceed 30 dollars for the entire year. We recommend you phone the city clerks office or local police department (do not use 911), and always inquire about governing rules regarding police permits in your area.
Anyone who is legally allowed to enter your premises for the purpose of emergency or service should be notified that you have an alarm. LaserShield® offers remote control of your alarm using a secret pin number included with your unit, and any remote telephone or cellular phone. This pin number allows you to phone your premises and disarm the system by remote to allow access for maintenance or landlords.
Breathe easy. LaserShield® can be easily moved to a new location. Just follow the instruction procedures described in your LaserShield® user manual to power the unit down for relocation. You can update your new address using the internet or a fax form. When you plug LaserShield into your new location the service will already be ready and active! Simply test the unit with your new telephone line, and your alarm service and protection is immediately restored.
No. LaserShield® plugs into your existing phone line much like any normal telephone. If the phone jack is currently occupied, LaserShield® incorporates a dual jack on the back so that both units may occupy the same phone jack eliminating the need for any additional hardware. Only the LaserShield® main unit requires a phone line, Wireless Detection Units do not.


It is amazingly easy, your LaserShield system sets up in 3 easy steps:

1. Plug the Master Alarm Unit into an AC power outlet

2. Turn on the power

3. With the touch of a button, link the key chain remote and infra-red Wireless Detection Unit

4. Optional: Activate the optional 24-7 Monitoring and Police notification service over the web in minutes or by fax or mail.

A LaserShield unit covers a 35’ by 35’ area to detect motion. Ideally units should be placed in a corner to cover the main entrance and floor space. The coverage area spans out 110 degrees from wherever the unit is placed. Typically, whatever you can see from this position, the LaserShield can see. An indicator light illuminates when the LaserShield detects movement and can be used to “test the units coverage”. A dwelling or office with multiple entrances may require a Wireless Detection Unit.

If the unit can be aimed toward a general hallway leading to bedrooms, this is always recommended. Burglars usually search bedrooms for valuables. We recommend the LaserShield be placed on a table, counter, or bookshelf, preferably 4-6 feet off the floor, and it is always a good idea to purchase an additional sensor to protect the master bedroom. Intruders who seek to obtain small valuables and jewelry that can easily be carried often frequent the master bedroom.

No. LaserShield uses a proprietary toll free 800-phone number to contact the central station.
Upon activation LaserShield instantly phones a multi million-dollar central monitoring station via 800 numbers, using your existing telephone line. The monitoring station currently monitors accounts throughout the United States. It is equipped with emergency power, redundant computer systems, and full backup systems. The monitoring station holds an “AA” rating from Underwriting Laboratories who govern, regulate, and rate alarm monitoring stations. All employees are screened, bonded, and highly trained in a variety of emergency scenarios.

The Rapid Response monitoring facility handles monitoring for hundreds of thousands of alarm and fire systems across the nation, including high risk retail chains, government installations, and commercial high rise systems.


Usually the premises is phoned within a minute. If the monitoring station does not reach you at home, they’ll call you on your cell phone – wherever you are.
LaserShield system monitoring is provided by Rapid Response Monitoring – America’s leading alarm monitoring company serving over a quarter of a million customers nationwide. Rapid Response is one of only a handful of monitoring facilities licensed to monitor commercial high rise fire systems in New York City. The customers and locations they protect include over 260,000 homes and businesses including military, government, high risk commercial, celebrity estates, and major retailers. Rapid Response has been monitoring alarms nationwide since 1991. The Rapid Response monitoring facility is revered by experts in the industry. The facility is recognized as housing the most advanced alarm monitoring technology available in the business today, as well as the most thorough industry training program for its highly motivated professionals. Rapid Response is a U.L. Certified Alarm Signaling Station and holds memberships and certifications by NYFD, FM, NFPA, IQ, SIA, and the National Burglar and Fire Alarm Association.
Immediately disarm the alarm system. The monitoring station will rapidly attempt to contact your residence before contacting the authorities. If you provide your secret passcode, the alarm will be cancelled. You may also phone Rapid Response Monitoring Service directly to cancel an accidental alarm response.
Yes. LaserShield is designed for use with most answering machines.
You can use the alarm while retiring for rest at home. If you have a Wireless Detection Unit in your bedroom, and additional sensors in other areas, the bedside unit/s can be bypassed while sleeping. This feature allows subscribers to move freely in the bypassed areas enabling them to access facilities at night. Even though the Wireless Detection Units are bypassed, panic buttons remain active. The panic button allows you to instantly create an alarm condition if they hear or see a sign of a potential danger or intrusion.
When the LaserShield detects a burglar the unit activates a 105-decibel siren and immediately uses your existing phone line to signal the 24-hour monitoring service. The monitoring station will work to notify the appropriate authorities and responsible parties who can secure the premises and address the situation in your absence.
LaserShield has visual and audible indicators to alert hearing and seeing challenged as to the state of the alarm, including arm, disarm, entry/exit delay, and alarm conditions.
Absolutely. Up to 11 more wireless detection units may be added for a total of 12. You can add more Wireless Keychain Remotes – up to a total of 16 devices per Master Alarm Unit.


LaserShield offers a direct, encrypted internet platform to Rapid Response Monitoring Service providing an easy, secure, electronic pay system. Monthly service can be obtained using American Express, Visa, Master Card, or Discover Card. LaserShield alarm owners can subscribe in only minutes using either the internet, or by mail or fax forms included when you purchase a LaserShield. Now you can enjoy reliable, effective protection in a security package in which you can literally buy today, and be protected tonight!

You have the choice of setting up your LaserShield Alarm with or with out monitoring. Without monitoring, the system will emit a 105 DB alarm when the motion sensor is triggered.

If you do activate monitoring, the alarm will sound and our Rapid Response center will notify you that the alarm has beet activated and ask if you want them to call the police. If you don?t answer, the police will be called immediately.

There is no long term contract for the monitoring, no credit check, and you can cancel at any time (go month to month).


We fully stand behind our products with our “No Questions Asked” 30-day return policy. If for any reason you are not completely satisfied with your system you can return it for a full refund. Thats it – pretty straightforward and simple. But we think you will love your Laser Shield System!
Lifetime with monitoring service, without monitoring service 1 year parts and labor.