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LaserShield Instant Security

LaserShield’s Instant Security System provides an ideal small business solution.  LaserShield Instant Systems require no installation, setting up in a matter of seconds.  With no keypads to hassle with, using LaserShield’s Instant Security System is even easier than setup.  Arm and disarm your LaserShield Instant Security System with the touch of a button on wireless keychain remotes.

Motion sensing detection units protect your business overnight, alerting the central station if there is motion while the system is armed.  The Motion Sensor’s field of vision is similar to that of the human eye. Strategically placing one unit in the corner of a room provides tremendous coverage over the entire room.

All LaserShield Instant Security System devices feature panic buttons allowing quick notification to the central station that you need help right away.  When the central station alerts your local dispatch of your “panic” alarm, they will respond with haste with the understanding that you or your staff is facing a potentially life threatening situation.

In the event of any alarm, a piercing 105 decibel alarm sounds, alerting intruders that help is on the way and it’s in their best interest to flee the premises.

The LaserShield Instant Security System is simple, affordable, and effective.  It’s a remarkably quick way to provide your business with a professional grade alarm system.

Protect your business. Stay safe with LaserShield.
LaserShield Instant Security System

Simple, Secure, Fast & Affordable

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LaserShield PRO Security System

Comprehensive Smart Security

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