Three security time hacks

You work hard. Everyday. And unless you work rotating shifts,  chances are you work at your job the same time everyday, and on the same days. If you own your own business, chances are also good that your operating hours are in your window, or on your door and definitely in your online advertising. So what does this have to do with that Burglar down the road from you? Anthony Dohrmann’s LaserShield Security Hacks just might help you out a little bit. We sure hope they do. After years in this business, the following are some of the helpful security hacks that Anthony has learned.

1. Your office hours tip off your at-home hours

First and foremost, if he’s one of the more tech advanced thieves in your area, chances are pretty good he’s been staking out his victims. Watching his victims includes knowing their work routines. He’s watching when they go to work and about what time they get home from work. He knows which hours of the day they are never home…and well, you get the idea. Even though this sounds a little creepy, we need to be aware that this process happens and it happens a lot.

Try to change up the times you get home, especially in the seasons where the weather is less adverse. Tell a neighbor what your schedule is if you are pretty well stuck into the same timing routine everyday, so they can at least look in your home’s direction on your behalf. And let them know if you will be gone for a long weekend or during that week long conference, so they will know if that Van is in your driveway, it’s not supposed to be.

2. Anthony Dohrmann’s LaserShield Security Hacks says Your light timer is sending a message

We all know about them, some of us use them and they can be a deterrent. You know, those plug in timers you can add to the lamps in your house to go on and off at pre-set times? They can be a good tool in your security arsenal, unless you’re using them predictably that is.

Anthony Dohrmann's LaserShield Security Hacks

Anthony Dohrmann’s LaserShield Security Hacks

If you set the timers on your lamps, (especially on lamps you never normally use) to go on and off in a fashion that’s not your normal routine, prospectors who have been casing your property will notice! Think of it this way…a lot of times people will set the timer on their lamp in the TV room for evening hours. And then it goes off. But does another light in the house go on? Like the bathroom light or the bedroom light or both or one at a time? If  turned off your TV, would you stumble through your dark house, brush your teeth and change your clothes in the dark? So be sure to set multiple timers in multiple spots in order to simulate the activity you would normally do when you are at home.

3. Why are your outside lights on at lunchtime?

Is it a good ideas to leave your front and/or back porch lights on to illuminate the place while you’re gone? Yes, light it up! But, if you were home, would you have your porch lights glowing in the middle of the day? Of course you wouldn’t. You’d be saving that money from your electric bill right? Potential thieves know that as well. In fact, lights on our front during daylight hours might actually cause these dirt bags to watch your property more closely.

If you want to have your porches lit up while you are out of town, use timers. And set them to go on or off at the same time. Chances are slim to none that you can reach both front and backyard light switches at the same time. So set the timers to staggering intervals instead.

Being smart about your home security is not difficult. It just takes a little planning ahead and you’ll be safe and sound year round.

Anthony Dohrmann LaserShield

Anthony Dohrmann LaserShield Security Hacks

One more hack

And we would be remiss if we didn’t suggest to you another terrific set of tools to add to your security tool box. Anthony Dohrmann’s LaserShield Security Hacks would be incomplete if we didn’t recommend a LaserShield System from this website! There are  systems perfect for homes of all sizes as well as commercial grade for businesses. LaserShield is proud of our quality one-on-one, “real people” customer services and our legacy of incredible monitoring. We leave nothing to chance and we do it at a price that is friendly to your budget!

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And before you go, here are some basic legal facts about burglary in America: