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Yard Sign

Hardware Purchase: $15 each, or get two for $24.99 + free shipping

Product Description: Yard signs help reduce the likelihood of your house being broken into. Most criminals don’t want to deal with an alarm system. Add as many layers of protection to your home as possible by buying a yard sign today.

Keychain Remote

LaserShield Family Security

Hardware Purchase: $24.95

Product Description:
Increase the convenience of your LaserShield Security System with the power of safety at your fingertips! The Keychain Remote arms and disarms your LaserShield Security System. Press both buttons to activate a panic alarm from up to 100 feet from the Master Alarm Unit.

The Laser Shield Keychain Remote is compatible with all Laser Shield Instant systems which may have been purchased here or at your favorite retailer (i.e. WalMart.com, Circuit City, Costco.com, HomeDepot.com, CompUSA). They generally do not stock add-ons such as the Laser Shield Wireless Detection Unit.


Pet Shield


Hardware Purchase: No charge, just pay shipping.

Product Description:
A unique Pet Shield instantly snaps into place on the front of the LaserShield motion detector on the Wireless Detection Unit. The Pet Shield blocks portions of the motion sensor so your pet is less likely to trigger an alarm.

Wireless Detection Unit

LaserShield Family Security

Hardware Purchase: $59.99

Product Description:
It’s easy to expand your LaserShield Home Alarm System by adding more Wireless Detection Unit motion sensors.The LaserShield Popular Package comes with one Wireless Detection Unit – you can add up to 11 more for a total of 12.

Add additional LaserShield Wireless Detection Units for increased security of doors and areas of your home or business. The Wireless Detection Units (WDU) communicate with the Master Alarm Unit via wireless radio signals and have a range of 150 feet (without obstructions). One Master Alarm Unit can support up to twelve Wireless Detection Units.

Master Alarm Unit

LaserShield Family Security

Monitoring Service: $24.95 a month
Hardware Purchase: $75.00

Product Description:
The Master Alarm Unit is the central station of the LaserShield security system. It includes extensive self-diagnostics. It communicates with Rapid Response Monitoring Service for 24/7 security, and to report any abnormal condition such as loss of power, telephone connection/disconnected, alarm/panic, low back-up battery, and cancel. Under normal conditions LaserShield reports the fastest response time in the alarm industry, initiating a return phone call approximately 30 seconds after receiving an alarm signal.

Cellular Device

LaserShield Family Security

Hardware Purchase: $189.00

Product Description:
Don’t worry about cut phone lines. Our Cellular device will keep you connected to our security team all day, every day.