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America’s Trusted Family Security System

3.7 Million
Household Burglaries Per Year1

42.5 Seconds:

Frequency of Aggravated Assaults2

28% of Burglaries
Occur with Household Members Present1

7% of Burglaries

Result in a Violent Victimization2

LaserShield PROQ10 Family Security PLUS

7 Layers of Security for Your Family

LaserShield PRO<sup>Q10</sup> Family Security PLUS

1. Motion sensing detection units ensure your loved ones will receive a message warning them of intrusion so they don’t startle a home invader, preventing a violent confrontation.

2. Perimeter defense is maintained by door and window sensing devices, alerting members of the home who may be sleeping when an unwanted stranger breaks in.

3. Glass break detection backs up the LaserShield Home Security Plus system’s perimeter defense and provides a strong safety net while you are at home or away.

4. Environmental hazards can be avoided using the carbon monoxide, smoke, flood, freeze and heat devices.

5. Keychain remotes allow easy one-touch arming and disarming of your home security system. It also provides a panic feature that quickly alerts LaserShield’s central station that you need help right away.

6. Sirens are important safety features to your LaserShield security system. A 105 decibel siren blares while strobe lights disorient an intruder allowing you and your family get to safety.

7. Highly trained LaserShield personnel dispatch emergency help when your family is faced with a threat. Focus on getting your loved ones to safety with the knowledge first responders are on their way.

Protect your loved ones. Stay safe with LaserShield.
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Security for Apartments

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According to insurance agencies specializing in renters insurance, renters are burglarized 79% more than homeowners. The reasons are simple:

  1. The sheer number of people coming and going causes residents to tune-out as they become accustomed to seeing lots of neighbors and their unfamiliar guests moving, throughout their community.
  2. It’s more difficult to spot individuals that don’t belong, that would normally raise suspicion.
  3. The rental community is a more transient community so it’s not uncommon to see utility vans, moving vans and vehicles loaded with belongings nearby.
  4. Many crimes are committed by adolescents looking for drug money or pursuing gang initiations. This occurs even in nice, more affluent areas.
  5. It’s easy for the kids of your neighbors to record your schedule and to find opportune times to intrude without being interrupted, or caught. This makes for a perfect environment for burglaries, vandalisms and even assaults.

LaserShield is the solution.

Buy it today, be protected tonight.

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Call our LaserShield Customer Support Team to get the right security system for your needs.
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Business Security Solutions

1 out of 6 Burglars
Are Caught and Arrested3

10 Seconds

Between Burglaries3

$1.4 Billion Dollars
Stolen Annually3

4 Times More Likely

To be Burglarized than Homes4

LaserShield Instant Security System

LaserShield Instant Security

LaserShield’s Instant Security System provides an ideal small business solution.  LaserShield Instant Systems require no installation, setting up in a matter of seconds.  With no keypads to hassle with, using LaserShield’s Instant Security System is even easier than setup.  Arm and disarm your LaserShield Instant Security System with the touch of a button on wireless keychain remotes.

Motion sensing detection units protect your business overnight, alerting the central station if there is motion while the system is armed.  The Motion Sensor’s field of vision is similar to that of the human eye. Strategically placing one unit in the corner of a room provides tremendous coverage over the entire room.

All LaserShield Instant Security System devices feature panic buttons allowing quick notification to the central station that you need help right away.  When the central station alerts your local dispatch of your “panic” alarm, they will respond with haste with the understanding that you or your staff is facing a potentially life threatening situation.

In the event of any alarm, a piercing 105 decibel alarm sounds, alerting intruders that help is on the way and it’s in their best interest to flee the premises.

The LaserShield Instant Security System is simple, affordable, and effective.  It’s a remarkably quick way to provide your business with a professional grade alarm system.

Protect your business. Stay safe with LaserShield.
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Call our LaserShield Customer Support Team to get the right security system for your needs.
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Increased Security with Smart Home Features

3.9 Trillion Kilowatt Hours
Used in 20145

150+ Die Each Year

From Carbon Monoxide Poisening6

50% Residential Fires
Are Caused by Cooking7

71% Injured in Fires

Are 30 Years and Older7

LaserShield PROQ10 Energy PLUS

LaserShield Family Security

Save money on your energy bill by switching to fully automated LED lights, 15 of which are included in the LaserShield PROq10 Home Energy System. Set up groups and rules to enjoy your lights gradually turning on automatically just before your alarm clock. Or add geotargeting on your LaserShield cell phone application to automatically turn on the lights when you get within 3 miles of your home. Not sure if you left your lights on? Hop on your phone and with a quick swipe you can turn off all lights at once. These smart lights are also dimmable, meaning you can create different moods for different areas of the house.

Panic buttons can be worn or placed in areas you want to ensure you’ll have one touch access to emergency help. Popular placement for panic buttons include hanging them on the bedposts of children’s beds, in kitchens, and in workshops. If your child faces an emergency they are unprepared for, you can be confident that you will receive alerts and authorities will be dispatched with the press of a button.

One of the most sought after features of security systems is the ability to catch intruders in the act so the police know who to pursue. 2-in-1 infrared/camera “image sensors” snap a picture when movement is detected while the system is armed, or whenever you request a snapshot from your LaserShield app. This picture is sent to your cell phone via text, logged in an online archive, and LaserShield operators will have access to the photo during alarms so they can provide law enforcement the description of the perpetrator.

Temperatures in your home will be more comfortable than you’ve ever imagined. LaserShield PRQ10’s smart thermostat learns your habits to optimize energy efficiency and comfort. You can manage your temperature remotely if you’d like to cool down or heat up your home while you’re away. The more you use it, the more intelligent and efficient it becomes.

A multipurpose environmental sensor watches over your home for signs of flood, freeze and heat. Be alerted at the first signs of trouble while at home, or away.

In addition to lowering your monthly utility bills, this package usually qualifies homeowners and renters for significant rebates from the IRS and state taxes as part of energy conservation programs. Many power companies also offer rebates when you purchase energy efficient equipment.

Protect your loved ones. Stay safe with LaserShield.
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Protection & Peace of Mind at Home or On-the-Go

LaserShield PROQ10 Automation Video Security PLUS

LaserShield Family Security

The LaserShield PROQ10 Automation System PLUS is a phenomenally comprehensive home surveillance system.

Four image sensing units paired with a doorbell add the ability to get a text with a picture of who rings your doorbell when they’re at your frontdoor. These units look for movement of intruders and begin an alarm while taking a snapshot during a home invasion.

One indoor and one outdoor camera provide live lookins and recorded evidence of activities in and around the home. Rules can be set to record around movement so you can view video instantly in the event of an alarm, allowing you to make a judgement about the severity of the situation within seconds. The ability to record snippets on command or check in on demand mean you can check in on the babysitter while you’re out or see what your dogs are up to while you’re at work.

State of the art dead bolts provide a tremendous combination of physical security and personal convenience. Family members dropping by while you’re running an errand can be let in the house with the click of a button on your phone. Never pull out a keychain again.

Protect your loved ones. Stay safe with LaserShield.
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Call our LaserShield Customer Support Team to get the right security system for your needs.
Call 1-800-ALARM-55 (1-800-252-7655). We will customize your order.